Lynelle DeRoo is a 35 year veteran dental hygienist who speaks, consults, and teaches about, not only oral health, but also its often-forgotten, yet vital counterpart - professional etiquette.

Also known as “class.”

Because dental and medical practitioners don’t get extra points for being cold, aloof, or using clinical jargon. Our true professional genius lies in the candor of our social engagement, the messaging of our body language, the respectability of our mannerisms, the sharpness of our dress, and our abilities to translate the hard to understand.

While degrees, certifications, and licenses are crucial elements in any clinical repertoire, Lynelle’s work reveals the invaluable personal and professional rewards gained by exuding confidence, warmth, and clout. Because though titles may be impressive, it’s the strength of our honed trustworthiness that actually leaves an impression.

In other words, to raise your status and work environments for the better - you first have to raise the bar.

Ms. DeRoo is an accomplished speaker, writer, advisor and owner of Brush For Life®, with an ultimate mission to change the way the world brushes.


Lynelle lives where the wild poppies grow in the high desert of Southern California with her husband and two fur-babies, a Calico and Cane Corso Mastiff.