Profiting Off The Psychology of Professionalism

So let’s ensure they’re the right impressions.

And because you didn’t become a dentist (or hygienist) only to have a lack of professional etiquette tarnish your reputation.​​​​​​​

So let’s talk about that

In "From CLASS To CA$H," we will cover these Objectives:

  • Because feeling embarrassed by your staff’s customer service is not okay and can be remedied.
  • Because repeat business is the lifeblood of your office, so when patients don’t return, you lose money.
  • Because you’re too busy to field patient complaints or referee tension between employees.​​​​​​​

  • Illustrate Classy Chairside manner - so you learn the tips and tricks to making patients ergonomically and psychologically comfortable (and put them in a referral-giving mood).
  • Identify appropriate dress and grooming that not only make you look good, they give patients assurance and confidence in you and help justify charging what you charge.
  • Develop respect for and among your team - so staff members take care of each other instead of creating tension that clients can feel (and will also talk about once they leave their appointment).
  • Create empowered patients--so they go home feeling they’ve been commended and coached with dental health info instead of feeling attacked and ridiculed. 
  • Learn Dining decorum (for you and staff) - so you feel at ease taking your staff out to that C.E. course that includes lunch or dinner with colleagues.

What feels true: You’ve worked HARD to get where you are, so your dental expertise should be enough to bring in

repeat business.

What’s actually true: You’ve worked hard to get where you are BUT tiny impressions are made about your practice (including your staff) that positively and negatively affect your business.


Snap judgements about your appearance, your treatment of others, and your communication are made in the unconscious and have an immediate impact on your revenue.

But you’d be surprised what we can control by making simple, doable adjustments that not only increase profit…

They increase pride in what we do. ​​​​​​​